The Who and Why of It.

There are three of us – Gabriela, Carlos and Norie.

We thought it would be a good idea to have an easy way to listen to messages of peace, to be calmed and soothed 24 hours a day – whenever you chose; whenever you need it.

So, the internet was the obvious choice for us.

We haven’t done this alone however.  Very importantly, we are supported by a group of volunteers who choose the excerpts that are played throughout the broadcast.  They have put in hours and hours of listening and keeping meticulous records of who said what, when.

So, as is often the case when something works well, this is a team effort.  Some of us do this, some of us do that, but together we make a pretty smashing whole.

The result is that you can listen to inspiring messages, poems, sayings and fairly relaxed, but interesting, music whenever you like.  We hope soon to include more addresses by anyone who has spoken positively about peace.

This is our ‘little bit’ for a more peaceful world.

As Ghandi said: “Be the change you want to bring”.  We want to help bring peace.

We have never done anything like this before.  We simply started. And so far, this is the result.  You could help us if you like by giving us suggestions, sending us links and telling us what you’d like to hear more of.

Write to:

You can also read some FAQ’s.

And listen here.



1 thought on “The Who and Why of It.

  1. Dear Norie, Carlos and Gabriela,
    I like this station – enjoy the music and the words spoken very much. A friend told me about it and I listened for awhile before I went to sleep last night. How will others find out it is there?
    Just wondering…

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